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Mary in her Halloweein Suit


Mary Angel

Assassin Mary Angel (Cheonsa) Wiki Mary Angel [メアリーエンジェル] is the main Character in the new manga series "Assassin".

About Mary Angel CheonsaEdit

-She was found killing with the other vampire by Sir Devil the First at the street of Victorian England and was taken into the Devil The Third Mansion and soon become an Assassin. She works under the Devil's Family generations and soon works under The Last Generations of Sir Devil's bloodlines Generations.

-Mary was once a maiden [Human] before becoming a vampire during the 17th century. She met Count Dracula at the age of 17 and then become his first loving wife. Count Dracula turned her into a half Vampire [Which he's not but someone else] make her his slave and use her for his sexual satisfaction which makes her had her revenge towards vampires and been willing to kill Count Dracula herself 

Mary Angel [メアリーエンジェル] is the main Character in the manga series "Assassin". She is a vampire who serve a human named 'Sir John Hyacinth Frances Xavier Devil III' the owner of 'Devil III's Organisation'.

Mary Work as an Assassin under Sir John's order and as his servant. She kills her own 'kind' as in 'Vampires' and ghouls. In order to fulfill her revenge over someone who turned her into a Vampire. 

Mary's co - workers are 'Francis Von George' a highschool boy who was been attacked by a bunch of ghouls on the way back home and simply was saved 

by Mary. Mary would kill all the vampires even if it takes

to the end of the end of the earth. Mary is a Cold hearted and non emotional vampire who despise things called 'LOVE' which people have an affection towards each other. She has a deep hatred

towards 'VAMPIRES' which makes her wants to kill them till finish.

During her battle with the 'Count Dracula', she's somehow has a strong connection with him which is in the past before they have been seperated. She'll try every in her power to kill him, but could not. She's later

lost in the battle and bring Count Dracula back in The Organisation and let him join in as an Assassin. They later become more closer and closer than before. In The Past, Mary was once a beautiful maiden by the name 

'Maria Elizabeth Von Angel'. She was a human with a blue coloured eyes and later become a vampire after some Vampire king turned her into a 'MONSTER' before she met 'Count Dracula'. So, he was mistaken as the 

vampire king [although that he is].

  1. Biography

Full Name: 

Mary Angel Cheonsa


Real Name: 

Maria Elizabeth Von Angel

"マリア·エリザベス·フォン·エンジェル。(Maria· Erizabesu· fon· Enjeru.)


17 years old "17歳。(17-Sai.)"

[Real Age: 217 years old "217歳。(217-Sai.)"]

  Date Of Birth: 

January 11th 1796 "1796年1月6日。(1796-Nen 1 tsuki 6-nichi)"


178 cm 


58 kg

Blood type: A


Vampire/ Unknown Nosferatu

Mary Angel and her Crimson and Dark Shadow

Mary Angel the Vampire Assassin


-[Anti-Freak Pistols] The Dark Shadow "ダークシャドウ。(Dākushadou.)", The Light "ライト。(Raito.), The Killer Extend 18th Century "キラーは、18世紀を拡張します。(Kirā wa, 18 seiki o kakuchō shimasu.), Deadly Gloves "

死のグローブ。(Shi no gurōbu.).


Vampire Assassin "ヴァンパイアアサシン。(Vu~anpaiaasashin.)" / The Vampire Slayer "バフィー。(Bafī.).


Sir John Hyacinth Frances Xavier Devil The Third.

"サー·ジョン·ヒヤシンスフランシスザビエル悪魔三。(Sā· Jon· hiyashinsufuranshisuzabieru akuma san.)"

マンガ "アサシン"

[Manga" asashin"]


-I say all Vampires are evil.

"私はすべての吸血鬼が悪であると言う。(Watashi wa subete no kyūketsuki ga warudearu to iu.)

-But, I'm different from all the others. 

"しかし、私は他のすべてとは異なるんだ。(Shikashi, watashi wa hoka no subete to wa kotonaru nda.)

-I'm a vampire who slays her own kind. 

"私は彼女の自身の種類を殺害吸血鬼だ。(Watashi wa kanojo no jishin no shurui o satsugai kyūketsukida.).

-I won't tolerate the harming of humans. 

"私は人間を傷つけることを容認しません。(Watashi wa ningen o kizutsukeru koto o yōnin shimasen.).

- I'll kill those people who gets in the way.

"私は邪魔になる人々を殺す。(Watashi wa jamaninaru hitobito o korosu.)

-I wish to be released, Master John.

"私は、マスタージョンをリリースすることがしたい。(Watashi wa, masutājon o rirīsu suru koto ga shitai.)

-I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow. 

"私はすぐに今日ここに、フェージングやなくなっ花明日です。(Watashi wa sugu ni kyō koko ni, fējingu ya nakuna~tsu hana ashitadesu.).

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